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We would like to warmly welcome you to the homepage of IN SITU – International Summer School in IT-Law at Leibniz Universität Hannover – and invite you to read up on our programme.

We are proud to organize IN SITU for the sixth time this summer. Join us from 20th July – 14th August 2015.


The courses are taught in English by qualified IRI-members and offer you a broad knowledge in information technology law, a modern field of law, which is strongly influenced by European and international law. IN SITU covers the areas of European Law, data protection, electronic commerce and intellectual property, as well as insights into various specific topics such as bio technology law and cloud-computing. All classes take place in the IRI’s seminar room which enables the IN SITU-participants to be part of the daily life and get them into close contact with the staff. The students are also allowed to use the IRI’s specialist library which enhances the positive studying and working atmosphere.

Besides meeting new friends from all over the world, getting new knowledge and having fascinating discussions with all attendants, you will receive a certificate and 10 ECTS credits.

But how do you know that IN SITU is the right choice for your summer?

The programme is developed for different groups of people, e.g.:

Bullet students who are interested in IT-law. You should have finished your second year  of studies, as the most important precondition for IN SITU is general knowledge about the legal system in Germany and Europe.

Bullet  prospective EULISP-students who would like to acquaint themselves with the requirements of studying law in Germany in terms of language, curricular content and method to have an easier transition into their EULISP-classes.

Bullet  employees with a law degree who would like to improve their chances on the job-market by specialising in IT-law by means of a four-week intensive training course.

Bullet  PhD-candidates in IT-law. You can to broaden your knowledge in the field of research, find discussion-partners and use the IRI’s knowledge and infrastructure, especially the specialist library to proceed with your theses.


Besides the academic curriculum we have prepared a great leisure programme with a lot of awesome destinations, e.g. Berlin, Hamburg and various landmarks near Hannover. You will like it!

If you are interested, please read on.

For further questions don’t hesitate to contact We will be happy to answer your questions. To stay in touch please subscribe to the newsletter for IN SITU and we will keep you posted!



Academic Programme

Courses offered by IN SITU

The academic curriculum of IN SITU introduces students to the complex field of IT Law by giving an overview of its main branches. The classes are taught by IRI scholars as well as visiting researchers from Tilburg, Oslo and Riga.
Classes take place within the Institute, which ensures close contact between students, research and teaching personnel. After the full course students will sit an exam and, having successfully taken part, obtain an IN SITU certificate. Additionally, students will be awarded with 10 ECTS credits.

The 2015 program is here available! Changes can occure.
The courses offered during the Summer School vary, in previous years we had among others courses on:
1. European Regulation of Information Technology
2. Introduction to German and European law
3. History and Theory of Legal Informatics in Europe
4. Introduction to Data Protection & E-Commerce Law
6. Intellectual Property Law
7. Biotechnology Law
8. The Regulation of Domain Names: Domain Names vs. Trademarks
9. Cybercrime
10. Private International Law and the Internet
11. Internet Governance
12. Content Control on the Internet
13. European Regulation of Information Technology

More information on major courses:

European Regulation of Information Technology
IT-Law is driven by a bundle of European regulations. The course will, firstly, give an overview of the specifically European mode of operation of this regulatory framework. Secondly we will analyze some of the most prominent examples of these regulations, mainly the directives on consumer protection (in distance selling and distance marketing), E-Commerce, electronic signatures, copyright and electronic communication. Thirdly we will evaluate some examples of thenational transpositions of these directives.

The last (and most difficult) question we will try to answer will aim to tackle the principal relationship between (national) legal regulations on the one hand and technology-driven international developments in the internet on the other hand. We will question whether John Gilmore’s famous sentence “The Net interprets censorship as damage and routes around it” should be reformulated to say: “The Net interprets legal restrictions as damage and routes around it.”

Intellectual Property Law
European Intellectual Property Law is organized in a multi-level system of governance. On the international scale, a tight web of conventions administrated by WIPO, WTO and other organizations is providing for a worldwide common framework of protection for authors, inventors, trademark owners. In addition, since the 1980s the European Community has enacted a multitude of regulations and directives concerning intellectual property. National legislators and courts provide the more fine-grained rules. The course gives an overview of the IT-specific legal sources of intellectual property and introduces the parties and interests at stake. The system of intellectual property protection will be exemplified by a more detailed analysis of software protection under copyright and patent law.

E-Commerce Law
Trading via the internet is becoming more and more popular. The end consumer market reaches new sales records every year. Furthermore people no longer raise concerns over E-Commerce shopping anymore.

An important reason for this development is that the EU started to harmonize the different national regulations governing B2C-business. Therefore in particular the European E-Commerce-Directive and the end consumer rights arising from this Directive will be discussed in this lecture.

Biotechnology Law
An area of particularly fast development is that of biotechnology law. Encompassing concepts such as biomedical research, medical law and ethics and intellectual property rights in the life sciences, this course will give an overview of a selection of the following topics: consent and autonomy, confidentiality, negligence and liability, beginning of life questions, end of life questions, transplantation, research, mental health, health policy and medical ethics. The course will be structured around case studies and will look at international issues and current developments in the UK and Germany. The course is complemented by an extensive e-learning resource.


Leisure Programme



Although you come to Hanover to study, we have not forgotten that it is your summer holidays and IT will be FUN! Therefore, the Summer School team have prepared an evening and weekend programme which will allow you to get to know each other and us, and to get to know Hanover and the nice places nearby. Moreover, we will take everybody on a three-day-trip to Berlin and for a day trip to Hamburg. Here are the most important leisure trips.

Weekend trip to Berlin
Let`s discover the capital of Germany. We will start early on Friday and be back on Sunday in the evening, so there is a lot of time for museums, buildings, historical spots and whatever you want to see.

Day trip to Hamburg
Get a great impression of one of the most important cities in Germany. This will surely be one of the highlights of the leisure programme A harbour tour and the city awaits us!

City Tour of Hanover and evening in a Pub
On our first evening we would like to give you a first impression of the city and the opportunity to get know each other.

The New Town Hall is one of the most impressive buildings in Hanover and the view from the top of the cupola is breathtaking.

A Night out in Hanover!
It’s time to dance… And you may stay as long as you wish – there are no classes the next morning!

One of the most beautiful Zoos of Germany awaits us!

Local brewery in Hanover
You will learn about brewing beer on the guided tour. And you will be allowed to try it…

International Evening
Tell your new friends about yourself and your country by bringing your national drink, food or whatever else you think will give an impression of your home country.

Herrenhäuser Gärten
the famous baroque gardens will make for a lovely afternoon walk.

Marienburg Castle
The Marienburg is the castle the last King of Hanover gave to his wife for her birthday. It is situated on a hill above the meadows of the picturesque valley of the river Leine.

Farewell Party
Farewell Ceremony at the Institute and a Party or a BBQ (if the weather allows!) in the evening.


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